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diaphragm pump
diaphragm pump
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vibrating diaphragm pump
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Two types of our diaphragm pumps have proven successfully in this case: vibrating diaphragm and linear diaphragm pumps.

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miniature vane pump
diaphragm pump

Schwarzer Precision represents expertise and experience in the development and production of Diaphragm pump for over 30 years. Pressure, vacuum and liquid pump for laboratory and medical technology, metrology, open and closed loop control systems and the consumer goods industry.

Eccenter Diaphragm Pump

Our multi-talent - from the micro-pump to high-performance aggregates.
Due to the different performance ranges we distinguish 4 series from EC 200 up to EC 900.

Eccenter Diaphragm Pump 200-600

Our eccenter diaphragm pumps are specially designed for small volume flows, and convey even problematic gases extremely reliably. Our modular design system enabels all models to be individually matched to your specific user profile. Miniature pumps up to 500 mbar / 14.75 inHg vacuum, 1,2 bar / 17.5 psi pressure and 3 l/min flow.

Eccenter Diaphragm Pump 700

Diaphragm pumps for medium pressure and suction power – offering high chemical and heat resistance. Your ideal choice for autoclaves, lab and medical appliances. Performances range from 6 to 34 l/min free flow, up to 960 mbar / 28 inHg vacuum and 2,5 bar / 36 psi pressure.

Eccenter Diaphragm Pump 800

Quiet running diaphragm pumps for medium to high pressure and vacuum applications. Pump performance up to 905 mbar / 26.75 inHg vacuum, 2,5 bar / 26 psi pressure and 20 l/min free flow.

Eccenter Diaphragm Pump 900

Membrane pumps for high pressure and vacuum applications. Particularly suitable for problematic gases thanks fo chemically resistant designs. Highest level of running smoothness and service life. Performance from 28,95 inHg vacuum, 72,5 psi pressure and 60 l/min.

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Schwarzer Precision is a German manufacturer specialised in developing and producing precision OEM pumps. Product range includes vacuum, micro, piston and diaphragm pumps for use in medical and laboratory technology.

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